Angelina Vovk was 75 years old

Legendary TV presenter accepts congratulations from children across the country

Every evening, “aunt Lina”, with piggy, and Stepashko Karkusha showed us cartoons before bed. Many cannot even imagine her in another role, though this famous TV presenter and actress. Today, the national star of the screen was 75 years old.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev congratulated the people’s favorite with the anniversary, noting her charming smile and artistry.

“A unique talent, artistry, charming smile — all this helped You become one of the most prominent TV presenters and, of course, truly native and a favorite for millions of people,” — said in a government telegram.

The secret of youth “aunt Lina” is simple — she maintains a healthy lifestyle, is engaged in winter swimming at the age of 65 stood on mountain skiing, and loves children.