Angelina Jolie without underwear continues to conquer the audience


Famous Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, ex-wife of Brad pitt, continues to conquer the audience with revealing outfits. This time the media personality once again took to a social event without underwear.
The winner of the award “Oscar” and the Ambassador to the United Nations 42-year-old Angelina Jolie appeared on a secular party in a dress that could be called rather modest, if not for the lack of underwear. Under a white bodycon dress, the actress was not wearing a bra which is reflected in the appearance – all the bends the fabric of the outfit was brightly highlighted. No one would have paid so much attention to this part if the theme of the event would not have been so grim. The agenda of the meeting was of the daughters memories of Cambodia: “First they killed my father”, a controversial drama about Angie.
This is not the first case when Jolie is openly ignoring the underwear, last summer, the actress surprised the same way visitors to the Disneyland resort. Experts believe that the celebrity demonstrates his unnatural Breasts after using the prostheses for breast cancer.
Meanwhile, the singer Madonna has ceased to recognize the fans, so changed her appearance.