Angelina Jolie warned johnny Depp from the marriage without a contract

The divorce of johnny Depp and amber heard are now on everyone’s lips. Every day new details of the case, starting with star husband beat a young wife, ending with the fact that the aggrieved wife now intends to take over the state of his betrothed.

Anyway, this process, apparently, will be long. To avoid these proceedings Depp could now, if at the very beginning of a relationship with heard, listened to his colleague and girlfriend angelina Jolie.

The role of Lara Croft from the very beginning did not trust the passion of Depp, and shortly before the couple’s wedding was called amber not only as “predator”. Jolie was sure about any love there can not be, and to heard have actually been fame and money. Women’s intuition angelina did not disappoint. But now it’s too late to say it.

We will remind that on may 23, after 15 months of marriage, amber heard sued for a divorce with her husband, johnny Depp. Later, the actress told the press he was repeatedly abused by her husband and provided in the confirmation images showing the beating. Now Hurd is going to sue him a considerable sum of money for the caused moral and physical damage.

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