Angelina Jolie voiced the desired amount of alimony from brad pitt

Yesterday, lawyers for brad pitt talked about that in the matter of getting equal custody of children they most likely will be able to achieve positive results. But Angelina Jolie is not configured to share the kids with their father, and therefore intends to continue to fight for sole custody. Today it became known that the defenders Jolie has put forward new requirements to the opposite party – Angelina has determined the amount of alimony that she wants to get pitt on the contents of six children.

According to Angie, in order to feed, clothe, Shoe, educate and entertain children in a month she needs at least 100 thousand dollars. In addition to the current daily expenditures, a certain amount will be deposited in a special trust Fund created by Jolie and pitt to accumulate capital for the future children.

Pitt’s lawyers say that the conditions of the alimony does not bother them, but they still will struggle to children being raised by both parents equally, and, therefore, if brad is to angelina pay child support when the children are with her, then Jolie will have to do the same, when the children are with pitt. And if there is then sense to share child support?

Previously, Angelina Jolie was going to adopt another child. Seventh! And the actress is credited with an affair with Jared Leto.

Source: fashiony.ru
Photo: Joinfo

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