Angelina Jolie received sole custody of the children

Wanted and achieved. Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie, who in September filed for divorce from her husband Brad pitt and demanded sole custody of the children, succeeded. However, while temporarily. In the new custody agreement States that all six children continue to live with her mother, and Brad could visit them at certain hours and be with them only in the presence of a psychologist.

Almost a month it took pitt to understand that the dialogue they have with Angie is not to learn, and that the wife is determined. Only last week he filed documents in court, demanding joint custody, but it was too late and had to meet Jolie and agree to its terms.
Sources claim that Angelina is going to continue to keep still legal husband at a distance, “until he can deal with my…mom”. As before, Angie insists that Delirium need skilled care and working with a therapist. While will last investigation Department on protection of family and children regarding the incident plane associated with the conflict-pitt and eldest son Maddox, all six children will be with their mother. 41-year-old actress believes a priori that they should be with her, but Brad will never accept such a decision, the more that pax and Shiloh already told his mother about his desire to live with his father after the divorce.

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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