Angelina Jolie is ready to adopt seventh child

For angelina Jolie’s many children does not happen. Western media reported that on the background of family problems and divorce with her husband Brad pitt Hollywood actress decided to adopt a seventh child.

According to the publication In Touch, Angie, which for years Brad got three biological and three adopted children, wants to increase his family.
Informed insiders close to the family of celebrities, said that Angelina wanted to adopt a child, but Brad was against it, saying that it is enough for them and those that they have. It was allegedly one of the causes of a family crisis. Now, when the marriage of Angie and pitt is almost completed, Jolie wants a painful sting husband, demonstrating that she is able to make such decisions.
“Angelina have been planning to secretly adopt a child, and even prepared all relevant documents. Brad knew about her intentions, because they talked about it, even when their marriage was all rosy. They even argued about it – Brad insisted that their family is so full, but Jolie desperately wanted another child,” said the insider.
Pitt believes that another child will cause problems in the communication of Angelina with the kids. They supposedly do not have the attention of the mother, and with a new baby everything only more complicated. At the same time to prevent this it is no longer in force, because it has lost all influence on his still legal wife.

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com
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