Angelina Jolie has described the film, which is planning to withdraw


In the media it was discussed that 42-year-old actress Angelina Jolie will no longer be in a movie. But it turned out to be wrong. The actress personally informed about the new work.

Angelina Jolie really have not been in a movie. But now she has gained strength after family problems and are ready to start a new project. Jolie even called the film, which will star.

“Now I do not take off, therefore feel a strong desire to play someone. I missed more than a year because of the children and family circumstances. When you feel that it’s time to get back to work, listen to yourself and act.
I hope to begin shooting in the coming months,” Jolie told the publication The Hollywood Reporter.
Angelina Jolie started filming the sequel to disney’s “Maleficent”.

So soon all the fans of Jolie will be able to see their favorite actress on the screen.