Angelina Jolie had a fight with his brother

On the side of the Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has less allies, and even brother James Haven, her last support, already tired of her unpredictable antics. A man does not like that sister hung on a nurse’s duties. In dosage period of time he does not mind to Tinker with his six nephews, but lately he is forced to spend seven days a week almost around the clock.

“Patience James snapped. He also has his own life, what Angie must have forgotten. He loves his nephews, but can’t all his time to devote to them. Now she is busy with her personal life and divorce, nervous and quick-tempered” — said the insider. Unable to withstand this stress, and ingratitude, James left, leaving Jolie alone with their problems.
As it turned out, the last straw was the claim of Angelina that he bad looked after children and they are behaving loudly, disturbing the mother.
“James went through hell to help her and still dared to reproach him that the children themselves are loud. It is not only watching the children, but also prepared her coffee and went to the grocery store and performed the duties of an assistant, but he didn’t sign up!” — told the insider.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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