Angelina Jolie commented on the criticism


Due to a recent interview with actress Angelina Jolie in the Network began a large disputes. Not only because of the actress about how her life after the divorce, and about her methods of working with children on the set.

In Vanity Fair magazine, in an article on Jolie, it was alleged that during the casting of the film “First they killed my father” in Cambodia, the actress used harsh methods of working with local children. Allegedly, she was asked in the audition to steal the money, and then asked to explain why they did so. Methods Jolie considered cruel, because she worked with children who live in difficult financial circumstances.

Jolie commented on his words. She said that between her and the journalist has misunderstood. In her opinion, the words were distorted:

“The assumption that during the casting in front of the child on the table to lie down real money, it is absurd and sad. It’s not true. I would be the first outraged if that happened in reality. We have taken all measures to ensure the safety, comfort and well-being of children who participated in the casting and which subsequently appeared in the movie. Parents, guardians, employees of the social services that monitor the condition of children, doctors — all of them were with us every day, watching the children to know if they need anything. And, above all, to be sure that no one hurt the film on such a painful theme for the country. I’m upset that the exercise in improvisation (for the scene that is in the film), in the article written as if all this was not a game, and reality.”