Angelina Jolie breakup brad pitt, was suspended from the intimate life

Angelina Jolie is not yet ready for a new relationship after breaking up with brad pitt. A spiritual mentor helps to understand her in itself and direct the sexual energy in a creative direction.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has temporarily halted any love relationship in her life after her divorce from Brad pitt.

After parting with her husband, brad pitt, Angelina never appear with someone in public. Moreover, a familiar insider said that Jolie is not ready to start any relationship, and the desire she has in General no. It does not lead sex life, and reads books on how to transform sexual energy into creative as it is for her very exciting.

It came to the point that Jolie began practicing yoga, which for many years hated. Now Jolie helps spiritual mentor who guides her, and indicates that the sex distracts from the really important things in life. Also, the mentor helps her to understand who her more attractive – men or women.