Angelina Jolie badly hurt brad pitt


Many have the impression that brad pitt and Angelina Jolie have moved past their differences, and they’re going to peacefully cooperate in the education of their six children. But Angelina made it clear to brad that until a final reconciliation is still very far away.

The fact that this weekend the family celebrated an important date: the eldest adopted son of Jolie and pitt — Maddox — aged 16 years. And pitt planned to give the boys a wonderful holiday. He was ready to realize any wish Maddox. However, when he reported this to Jolie, she said that his presence at the birthday party of Maddox is not scheduled.

Of course, it was already far not the first family holiday this year, who had to miss pitt. In may, he was not invited to the day of the 11th birthday Shiloh. Without it has passed and the celebration of the 9th anniversary of twins Knox and Vivienne, held this summer. But pitt is particularly offended by the ban to come on the day of the birth of Maddox. After all, if other children had after the announcement of the divorce a relationship work relatively quickly, then the reconciliation with his eldest son was given to him much harder.
We will remind that the conflict of Jolie and pitt began with the incident with Maddox. As stated, the eldest son of Jolie stood up for the mother in a quarrel with his father, who was on Board the aircraft, where the family was returning to America. And pitt alleged whether was rudely yelled at Maddox, or pushed him. The charges against brad were not nominated. However, for a long time, Maddox refused to see father. And now, when pitt hoped that he had finally managed to overcome all the problems in the relations with the son, and to renew with him, close contact, Angelina brad pointed out his place. Not surprisingly, pitt is severely disappointed and resentful.