Angelina Jolie and her secret boyfriend want to adopt a child

Many of the world media believe that the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt were initiated by the actress not just. Supposedly she fell in love with a new man, because he hastened to break off relations with her husband, which lasted 10 years. Various “reliable sources” almost every week tell new details of private life of Jolie. According to rumors, she’s still in love with the mysterious man, whose name was yet unknown. It is reported that soon will be married couples, and further, as usual (when it comes to Jolie) – adoption of children.

“Angie always desperately wanted another baby, but brad was against it, because they thought their family is already complete”, — said the insider. New choice actress supports her decision.

Sources publications also explain why we so little known about the boyfriend of Angelina. “Their meetings are always in secret, never in public. Jolie believes the secrecy exciting. She wants to finish the divorce before you go out with your new Beau”.

We will remind, about the break-up of Jolie and pitt has long been rumored, but the beginning of the divorce process the pair became known only in the autumn of last year. The reason for the breakup with pitt, Jolie was then called his addiction to alcohol and drugs and cruelty to her and the kids. The final point was that pitt is allegedly punched the older children – Maddox when they were all on Board.

By the way, in early April, brad pitt met for the first time with all six kids. They came to visit him, thus making a great gift.

Source: elle.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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