Anfisa Chekhova told about the unseen

Anfisa Chekhova told about the unseen

The presenter celebrates the birth of his son.

Today son Anfisa Chekhova was four years old. Happy mother dedicated to Solomon touching greetings and shared their happiness in the microblog.

“Four years ago my life changed dramatically! Come to me my little teacher, my source of unconditional love, my vaccination against selfishness, my space, my incredible sweet boy! Thank you, my happiness that you lit up our lives with his cheerful laughter, love, his delicious smell, batter and games, their individual qualities, which we observe and admire! We learn from you to enjoy this life just like that, every day, like Wake up! You’re our dad’s!!! We love you more than anything,” wrote Chekhov. Fans were happy for Anfisa.

Recall that Anfisa Chekhov became friendly with the father of their unborn child Guram Bablishvili on tour. Their relationship was very stormy, with constant scandals and quarrels. It wasn’t until Chekhov became pregnant. Once it became known that the couple will have a child, Bablishvili surrounded your favorite with care and tenderness, the scandals in the past. In may 2012 the couple had a son Solomon.


Source and photo: vokrug.tv