Anfisa Chekhov told me how he lost the dispute

Anfisa Chekhov told me how he lost the dispute

38-year-old Russian TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova was arguing with her husband, who will lose weight faster.

Famous TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova for seven years is in a relationship with Georgian actor Guram Bablishvili. Writes dni.ru husband Anfisa’ve been begging her to move to live in Georgia or at least spend more time there.

We went to the mountains, I cooked traditional Georgian dishes, wearing national dresses, acquainted with relatives of Guram and even worked a real farmer“, – said Chekhov.

According to Anfisa, every visit to this hospitable Caucasian country fraught for her figure.

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Two years ago over the summer in Georgia, my husband gained a lot of excess pounds! Then Guram decided to lose weight on a bet. And the one who less can lose weight, have to fulfill the desire of the winner. I wanted to win so my husband gave me a trip to Paris in my favorite hotel. But beyond dispute it is not gone. Although, I must give credit, then I have no dispute has lost almost 12 pounds!“, – said Chekhov.


Source and photo: bigmir.net