Anfisa Chekhov has officially confirmed the divorce with her husband

As recently became known, Anfisa Chekhova broke up with her husband Guram Bablishvili. The pair went very quiet, no noise, so this one didn’t even know existed. Divorce she told Him. First on the program, Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret to a million”, and then in his Instagram. There Anfisa posted a great post in which he thanked the fans for their support and kind words, and told about how they will now live and communicate.

“Our couple broke up! But we do not cease to be a Family for our son! Most importantly, what children suffer is from DISLIKE. And nedoljubili children or each other can be in or out of wedlock! We all know cases where, after the marriage, the mutual resentment of each other, the couple expressed to the child. And he grows with the feeling that his parents “bitch” and “asshole.”

If both parents are respectful to each other, unconditionally love my child and give him enough time he grows up happy, in full and in a divorced family! And if the marriage has ended, it does not mean that it was unsuccessful! People somehow peculiar about the relationship be judged by their end. But my Marriage was very successful! I was very Happy all 7 years! But, I’m Happy now, in your divorce! When he finishes work in the same company because I went to a higher position in another firm, or decide to change the profile, or even moved or decided not to work and live in his pleasure, somewhere on Bora-Bora, and no one thinks him to sympathize! Moreover, he recalls previous work with pleasure and happy experience and proud to send my resume, which describes their position and accomplishments at your last job! The family is also the enterprise! We forget about it! The experience, whatever it was – priceless!!! And relationships can end, but in memory they can remain as Happy and successful!!!! Just people grew up, began to look in different directions, they became close together, not comfortable! I am very grateful to my ex-husband!

We were going a long way, learned a lot from each other! He showed me what should be good fathers! He is kind and noble man! We broke up, but this does not change our mutual respect for each other and a good relationship! And whoever will insult him, and think out all sorts of stories, will be sent by me in the block! Divorce is not a tragedy! A tragedy, what people do to each other and to the children during divorce! When they are driven by hatred and resentment! In our case, we save the world: respect each other and love to the son!”.

Anfisa also noted that Guram they remained good friends.