Anfisa Chekhov has dedicated a touching message to Stella Baranovskaya – 24???

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhova told the media about the death of actress Stella Baranovskaya. The woman said that hard going through a loss, informs StarHit.

Anfisa Chekhova says that the death of Stella Baranovskaya became her biggest shock. The star did not hide their feelings and share with the followers on the page in the network Instagram experiences. Now Anfisa addressed to a friend a touching message, as it is today was nine days since her death.

Chekhov noted that almost every area in the Russian capital reminds her of a close person. According to the presenter, Stella had a lot of dreams she wanted to realize, but now these ideas will not come true.

TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov and actress Stella Baranovskaya

Fans supported Anfisa Chekhov, expressing condolences to the families of the baranouskaya.

Recall, Stella Baranovskaya died of cancer. The actress decided to resort to unconventional methods of treatment.