Andrey Malakhov said that Lindsay Lohan is waiting for a meeting with Putin

Hunter sensations Andrey Malakhov has decided to inform viewers about the scandal that happened with the Russian major Egor Tarasovym and his ex-sweetheart Lindsay Lohan.

The star of the show “Let them talk” told me that he tried to make an interesting broadcast, which has invited a Hollywood celebrity and other participants in this story.

Despite the fact that the scandal involving Lohan and Tarabanova not worth a damn, Lindsay thinks otherwise, but because their participation in “Let speak” it requires not only financial rewards, but also meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This information was confirmed personally by Andrey Malakhov, noting that Lindsay need to reduce their appetites and behave more modestly: “I also want to get 80 million a year and go out to dinner with the Queen of England, but dreams and reality are two different things. Should soberly, in contrast to Lindsay Lohan, look at the situation.”

Malakhov said that for participation in a talk show, Lohan asked for not more nor less than 500 thousand pounds sterling.

“The amount of the fee was lower, but the desire to meet with the President of the Russian Federation she really is. I don’t know what she wants to talk about saving tigers or about the problems of people addicted to drugs,” says the presenter.

At the moment the decision is still pending and the producers of “Let them talk” is still considering whether to do a broadcast with Lohan.

By the way, the Western tabloids say that to meet Putinin Lohan wants to make a memorable selfie.

Source: life.ru
Photo: life.ru

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