Andrey Malakhov moved to the channel “Russia”: why TV presenter left with 1 channel, causes

Famous Russian TV presenter Andrey Malakhov in recent years is the focus of a huge number of people, both experts and ordinary citizens. This happens for the simple reason that Malakhov took a fateful decision of his life – he moved from the First channel to the TV channel “Russia 1”, which are competitors.

The first editions of the program “live”, which recently is Andrei Malakhov, demonstrated once again the popularity of the showman among viewers. Because the ratings of this TV show immediately grew. Malakhov managed to gather at the TV screens much larger audience than it was during the “reign” of Boris Korchevnikov, which, by the way, I went to work at the TV channel “Spas”, as previously reported by our portal N4k.Ru.

Together with this people, besides trying to find out the reasons of the resignation of Andrei Malakhov in the program “Let them talk”, you want to realize where you left the TV channel “Russia 1” Boris korchevnikov. The fact that korchevnikov until recently refused to comment on his possible withdrawal from the channel.

As for Andrey Malakhov, he has managed to release several editions of “Live” with his participation. Experts tend to believe that Andrew will be able in a short time period to join a new team and successfully prove yourself to the audience. After all, professional quality Malakhov absolutely not questioned.

But the reason for the departure of Malakhov the First channel is the conflict with the new producer of “Let them talk”. Rumor has it that Andrew simply didn’t want to turn his show into a political project, because he believes that people are interested in ordinary human history. The presenter prefers not to comment on this information.

The ratings of TV programs have shown that the coverage of the audience on the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” is twice the number of viewers of the show “Let them talk” with the new host. Therefore the conclusion suggests itself that the management of “second button” made the right choice, luring to their side Malakhov. The broadcaster did not regret that went from “Let them talk”. Because now in front of him open a lot more doors in terms of creativity.