Andrey Malakhov leaves the First channel: the latest news about the TV presenter today

The recent news about the departure of longtime leading talk show “Let them talk” and other programs Malakhov was a real shock and a big surprise for many, and thinks the leadership of the First channel, this will increase the ratings of the transmission significantly. Himself Andrew for a long time was silent, as his press service that this background gave rise to plenty of speculation.

But it had to happen sometime: one of the most popular figures of the Russian television spoke. He said that currently rests in Italy and have already decided what will happen next with his career.

According to the presenter, via its program “live” he can unite the whole country, where “own life”. Now he had the opportunity to show the scale of Russia and do “something useful with a huge network of regional correspondents of the channel”. “Think about the different actions. Call it a flash mob, but rather a story that can bring people together. He was going to ride. Do outreach programmes we need to change the country”, – said Malakhov. He noted that the program needs to be more relevant and exclusive and it “will not be to quote something that already happened.”

Along with this recently Andrei Malakhov told about the reasons that changed the work place: “of Course, the journalist who worked for many years should already be some growth. So you are not waiting for three hours the decisions of the producer, who says he wants to or doesn’t want. And here you are internally understand interesting it or not, burning eyes leading the program is also very important.”

Recall that the basic version of leaving of Malakhov “Let them talk” is disagreement with a new producer. Apparently Andrew had to coordinate every step that could not hold after 25 years of work on the First channel and 16 years of “Let them talk”. A channel “Rossiya1” he is now the producer of the project – that is, will be to lead and manage the accounting of the transfer.