Andrey Malakhov latest news: why leave the First channel

The new host of “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov told Andrei Malakhov from leaving the program on “the First channel”. The news about the decision of the journalist to go to the channel “Russia 1” was a surprise to the public.

According to Dmitry Borisov, he repeatedly communicated with Andrey Malakhov and they had a friendly relationship, however, resignation from the program “Let them talk” did not come from him. The journalist later received an offer from the management to replace the popular TV presenter in the future to start a talk show. Initially a broadcaster could not imagine myself in a new position, but Malakhov has assured that he will succeed.

As said Borisov, today he and Malakhov are competitors, despite the friendship. The presenters are working on different television channels and lead similar programs. Now journalists will be not very easy to discuss work, however, friendly relations, they are not going to give up.

Himself Andrey Malakhov explained that through his program he will be able to unite the whole country, where “own life”. Now he had the opportunity to show the scale of Russia and do “something useful with a huge network of regional correspondents of the channel”.

“Think about the different actions. Call it a flash mob, but rather a story that can bring people together. He was going to ride. Do outreach programmes we need to change the country”, – said Malakhov.

Earlier Malakhov said that he wants to make their own decisions. He wants to grow, to become a producer and to give his life “under the visor and xenadu to look into the eyes”. Malakhov wants to try something new, he wants to put their programmes. Russia 1 him the opportunity provided.