Andrey Malakhov is retiring from “Let them talk”: when the presenter will leave the 1st channel

TV presenter Andrey Malakhov will leave the First channel, finished his era the first button of the country. This information was spread by many journalists, but to back it with real evidence are unable.

It was rumored that the reporter can move to the second channel. “RTR” already given an official response that, due to the lack of leadership, which is now resting, transfer of so eminent specialist is hardly possible. However, a source close to Malakhov, claimed that the TV presenter of the program “Let them talk” will cease to show and go with “the First channel” to work on “Russia 1”. As it turned out, inside spinney team, which is so loved and loves to talk Malakhov, happened crack.
So the source of “RBC” tells us that “the First channel” has returned to speak with the producer, who worked on the show nine years ago. A TV star as I assure you, it did not work. Apparently, this was the reason for her departure from “Let them talk”, which she leads since 2005. Andrew began to demand the return of the old producer, saying that otherwise leave the channel.
It is reported that allegedly “the First channel” Malakhov reached a compromise, says another source, “RBC”. However, similar to the TV people say that the specialists of the team “Let them talk” EN masse “Russia”, going to work on the show “live”, where Malakhov allegedly will replace Boris Korchevnikov.
Sources claim that for “Let them talk” looking for new presenters, namely two men. This kind of PR moves during the holiday period, and now, as they say Telemann, broadcasts replays of “Let them talk”, which corresponds to the time when the host is resting, in the West happen regularly. Thus the stars are trying to increase their royalties.
We will remind that according to “Forbes”, Malakhov is on the 30th place in the list of the richest stars of domestic show business, earning $ 1.2 million per year. Note, the state TV channel “Russia” is unlikely to pay him that kind of money.