Andrey Malakhov goes with the 1st channel: latest news for today

Very unexpected news was the news that Andrei Malakhov, which is directly associated with the program “Let them talk”, it goes to the First channel. At least, this information was spread by informed sources. The showman prefers while to keep silent.

Eve appeared in the press many versions of why she might leave the show. Now the most discussed is the one associated with the policy. Rumor has it that in may 2017 between Andrew and the channel’s management had a conflict. The reason was the decision to add in “Let them talk” more political topics. In particular, we are talking about releases about Putin and ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Boronenkov.

Despite the fact that Malakhov was strongly against these changes – it still shot releases, but then put the word out. On the condition of anonymity informed sources explain that the conflict has arisen after in may for the First channel is returned to the producer Natalia Nikonova. With her arrival, the program began to appear on the political issues that have angered the host of the talk show. “Nikonova returned to the First, to shake up social and political power before the presidential election,” said one of the sources.

After that started out a program about Oliver stone and his movie about Vladimir Putin, in addition, two issues were devoted to the murder of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov in Kiev.

We will remind, on July 31 it became known that Andrey Malakhov will no longer take over the show “Let them talk” and switch from the First channel “Russia 1”. Care Malakhov was the result of a conflict situation within the team show. Malakhov himself had no immediate comment on the situation.