Andrey Malakhov goes with channel 1, where: the latest news about the TV presenter and his wife

Popular Russian TV presenter Andrey Malakhov, if you rely on the numerous comments on social networks, still left from the First channel. It is not excluded that a new place of work of the showman will be the TV channel “Russia 1”. However, formally, this assumption has not been confirmed.

Yesterday in a press there was an information that the leadership of the First channel signed statement of resignation to the team of the program “Let them talk”, which was led by Andrey Malakhov. In this case about the TV presenter clarity is still there, despite the fact that the media has called Dmitry Borisov changer telestar.

The producer of the programs “Let speak” and “Tonight” Natalia, Galkovich published in his microblog on Instagram the video, which depicted as retired employees leave from “Ostankino”. Together with the things they carried out of the telecentre and a cardboard figure of Andrei Malakhov. The footage, Galkovich addresses the host of the First channel Elena Malysheva with a request “to submit to the unemployed”. “I come on, Len, we went… we leave now,” adds the producer. By the way, according to Galkovich she had found a job.

As for the reasons for the dismissal of Andrei Malakhov from the First channel, for this reason appears in many versions. In particular, earlier it was reported that the host had gone to drastic measures because of a conflict with the new leadership of the program “Let them talk”. Along with this is now gaining momentum is the version that actually Malakhov retired from the pregnancy of his wife, which he intends to spend more time. The truth remains somewhere behind closed doors, as the showman himself categorically does not comment on changes in my life.

Andrey Malakhov began working on television while still a student at the faculty of journalism of Moscow state University – since 1992 he was preparing stories for the program “Sunday with Sergey Alekseev”. In 1995, she graduated from the journalism school with honors, then worked as a staff editor of the international information program “Morning”, author and host of the column “Style”.

After working in the Directorate of information programs “the First channel” in 2001, Malakhov emerged as a leading current-show “Big Laundry”. The program lasted three years, then it was replaced by the draft “Five evenings”. Since 2005 she has been the host of the show “Let them talk”. According to information on the official website of the presenter, over the years, in Ostankino Malakhov was awarded more than 550 awards in the field of show business.

In the rating of 50 Russian stars of show business and sports Forbes for 2017 Malakhov took 30 th place. The rating took into account the income for the year, media attention and the interest of the audience in the Internet.