Andrey Malakhov became the new sex symbol of the Russian Instagram

Andrey Malakhov has long won the title of pet of the country. A program that creates an anchor for people and about people – “Let them talk” is one of the most popular on Russian TV. Now no less popular boasts itself Malakhov. The broadcaster, which still refused to become a part of the Internet community, register on the social network Instagram and immediately won the hearts of users.

Join Instagram Malakhov agitated his friend – food blogger Nika Belotserkovskaya, which is now Andrew’s wife is having holiday on the Cote d’azur. By the way, nickname advertised page Malakhova, so it signed up a record number of followers.

In less than a day to Malakhov signed by more than 60 thousand people. Just two photos was enough for a man established the title of the new sex symbol of the Russian instagram.

Note that so far Malakhov was not in social networks. His name used dishonest users and created fake pages on which were signed even some celebrities.

Source: life.ru
Photo: life.ru

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