Andrey Makarevich will not pay for the prom daughter

Andrey Makarevich outraged. The daughter of the legendary musician, leader of the group “time Machine” told him “inhuman” amount, which is the parent Committee of the prestigious Moscow school “Golden section” has decided to collect the prom.

The family Council it was decided to celebrate graduation at home, and money go where they are needed. About Andrew announced on his page in the social network.
“My daughter finishes school. Recently returned home somewhat shaken: the PTA raises money for prom. The inhuman and money – how would you describe softer? In General, it is not one hundred thousand roubles. And not two hundred. With student. On the final evening. May be enough for a large pool of expensive champagne.. the Money had originally planned to make – how many do not mind – give to the hospice. Or Fund Khamatova. Or Dr. Lisa. The choice, alas, is. We think it is better to start adult life with good deeds. And overspend we will learn later” wrote Makarevich.
Fans supported the decision of Andrew and his family, and protested the huge amounts of gold of Chad is ready to play hooky for one night. Prestigious school and graduated Anna Andreyevna had previously graduated from other children of celebrities. For example, Chad Joseph Kobzon, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Pavel Astakhov and others.
Recall that behind Andrei Makarevich three marriages and three children: 41-year-old Dana, a 29-year-old John and the youngest, sixteen-year-old Anna.

Source: https://dni.ru
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