Andrey Makarevich has frozen sperm

Singer Andrei Makarevich was thinking about a new offspring that may be born quite an unusual way. recently the soloist of group “the time Machine” has addressed in one of clinics of Moscow, where he passed the biomaterial to be deposited. Simply put, now sperm Makarevich is stored in the cell cryopreservation until then, until Andrew decides to use them.

Journalists managed to find out that the procedure cost the musician only 15 thousand rubles. Furthermore, Makarevich will need annually to pay 10 to 15 thousand rubles for storage.

The sperm of the singer can be in this environment indefinitely, until he decides to have another child, says Life.ru.

At the moment, Makarevich three children: 41-year-old Dana, a 29-year-old Ivan and 15-year-old Anna. Just behind the artist – three official marriage. At the moment, according to unconfirmed reports, Madonna is in a relationship with 43-year-old Mary Katz, Russia’s “Lady Blues” and Queen backing vocals.

Source: life.ru
Photo: life.ru

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