Andrey Gubin is afraid of his own reflection in the mirror

Once he sang the songs for stranger Lisa, and later — about “girls like stars”. He had millions of fans, but now Andrey Gubin is doing everything not to catch their eye. Why by hiding from fans? All in deteriorating health Gubin. For the first time in a long time he appeared on TV to talk in detail about what was happening to him. A conversation with the singer showed in the program “Oh, mother!”.

According to Gubin, it arranged a real hunt: “I’m on the run, so don’t really talk… But the people I love and remained the same as it was. I’m a little more antsy, but you try in my situation to not be antsy. So of course I’m on edge”.

Gubin says he was forced to end his career due to problems with the nervous system, but attention to it has not diminished: “I always feel myself more attention than before. Unfortunately. It’s awful. I roughly understand why. Of course, to go with this mug…Well, face hurt, guys, well, how much can you mock? What are you doing?” — splashed out their emotions the singer, adding that his health now was something strange and inexplicable.
“I have to “float” the entire left side of his face, on the neck of some bands…I can’t feel half of the body, and the doctors say everything is fine,” — shared his problem Gubin.

Andrew also admitted that he found it difficult to accept myself changed and he sometimes even gets scared of his reflection in the mirror: “I Think, “Lord, how terrible!”. And in the face of a complete idiot. Inside I feel like a normal person, but a face like iron mask”.

Source: starhit.ru
Photo: starslife.ru

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