Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo for the first time commented on the loss of sister

22 June 2017, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo was shocked by the appalling news, this world has left his sister Julia. The singer to this day can not believe that sisters are no more.

The news of the death of the sister of Andrei Grigoryev-Appolonova shocked the whole Russian show-BIZ. Julia worked directly with the popular group “Ivanushki International”. Julia helped in the choice of decoration for show and stage costumes .

News for all the friends was shocking, especially because not so long ago died another talented singer Oleg Yakovlev. Nobody expected that death will overtake Oleg.

For the first time, Andrey Grigoriev-Apollo was able to talk about the death of his sister. It certainly is hard, but life goes on.

In your Facebook Andrey has published a video in which he told how hard he survive the loss, and move on. According to Andrew, he always thinks about her sister, but life goes on and concert activity, too.

“I had a mount guys mount. I lost my only beloved sister, today I am ready to say that, unfortunately, my life is half stopped. Who have lost loved ones, I understand. I can’t get over it, I really sucks.

We arrived in Gorno-Altaysk, the landscape is wonderful, but I think of my sister. I tell my friends, life goes on, but in my heart, my Julia. All health” (RUF. and item. of the authors saved. – Approx. ed.) – says the famous singer.

As the journalist notes, Pointmedia Ulitkino Ulyana, Julia died at his home in Sochi. She was only 51. According to media reports, the death resulted from an asthmatic attack.

Indeed, this summer for “Simons” was incredibly difficult. After Oleg’s death literally died a month later, Yulia Grigoryeva-Appolonova.

Previously, we reported that the late singer Oleg Yakovlev has a bastard child.