Andrey Denisov will go to the Seychelles and try to understand yourself

After the departure of Masha as I have not. Mary writes to me, and thank you for leading that sent me to the island. Since a few days I was broken and didn’t understand me, I feel bad that I fell in love with Masha, or from the fact that I did not really have a strong relationship, and I’ve never lived with a girl. I realized that it’s the second option!
Maybe it’s bad and not always correct, but I very quickly get attached to people, to Mache I used! Sometimes I’m naive like a child, but I can’t help it, I always trust people and treat them with awe, especially if you appreciate me. For myself, I realized that Mary was nice to me, as a girl due to the fact that she treated me in awe, I am very accustomed to it, and if leading left Masha on the project, maybe we would become great couple, maybe we would quarreled in addition, I do not Wang to predict the future can’t!
The first time I went with Masha, because at that moment it seemed to me that she means everything to me. I’m just very amorous, trusting, emotional guy who loves to communicate with people and believes that people are good! After I left her, Mary did not even remember even once about it, although at the moment I have disconnected the brain, she didn’t appreciate my behavior and the seriousness of my intentions towards her. After that Masha tried to get me, always provoke me on a scandal, playing on my emotions, nerves! Disrespected me, insulted, walked, flirted with the men, and I was exhausted herself and waited for her, like Hachiko! Most of the staff called me a pussy, heel, etc., but I blindly believe that it will change! But it seems to me that Mary needed more in the project than I do!

I soberly assessed the situation with a cool head and realized that if the perimeter have not really had any success business, we didn’t hear each other, only time could change something, I was hoping for this, for the perimeter need to leave a solid couple, with a clear plan and knowing what will happen next! I clearly know how and what I want! I want to go to the perimeter at that moment when I find my soul mate who will believe in me, in every way to cheer and bear for it responsibility! Alfons, I have invited Mary to be I don’t want and never will! The island will help me to better understand myself and disengage from the situation! At this point I’ll raise, and I am very sad for her and I support her morally, because first and foremost she is a person and that is very good! At the moment it is one of the best periods in my current life, I never regret that I met Mary and was with her!