Andrey Denisov hopes to see you soon Mary Kuleshova

Originally came on the TV show “House 2”, I expressed sympathy to the girl with an angelic appearance, her name is Mary Kuleshov. Just recently, we had teletet, after which, I got even more inflamed desire to meet her in person. At the moment, the wild, immense love for Mary to say I’m not going as first we need to talk live. We must feel chemistry, hovering between us, in order to understand whether we can be together. Why I don’t want to talk about any insane sympathy? The answer is simple: I remember the situation Nikita Chalukova and Alesya Klochko, when they know each other well, shouted everyone that almost already not ready to build a family together and all the guys were waiting for a novel “Romeo and Juliet” these days, but in the end what it led to? To failure! The conclusion from all this is that I really want to see Mary, I really liked our communication on Telerate when the conversation with her was easy, positive, sincere, fun, honest and I have a nose, though I think I don’t like that we’ll be together!