Andrey Denisov grateful for all the support

Thank you to my closest friends from Minsk, thanks to all the people who worried about me, follow me, I need Your support! Thanks to my parents, my relatives, every person I ever in your life crossed for what You have next for those kind words of support that You told me and wrote! It was not possible to answer everyone, but wait I say thanks to all of You! I really wasn’t easy to let go of Mary and those who saw, as I sincerely wanted to try to build a long, strong, sincere relations based on trust, thank You and I am glad that You conscious people and realized what I’d done. I’m not going to explain to every person and prove his pravato, each person is different and everyone has the right to choose! I am grateful to those people who understand me, care about me and follow my life! Special thanks to the people who were there with me, my friends, I will never betray and will not hurt You. Friends are always with you, remember that! Touch.