Andrey Denisov enjoys every second spent on the project

While on project, start to recognize and appreciate the people who surround you in real life! On the project feel like a fish in water. The whole formed a wonderful team and I have become accustomed to each of them. Finally I found a place where the desire to leave at the moment as I enjoy every second spent here!
There is one plus and he is also a minus. Plus the fact that I realized how dear to me, mother darling, with whom we have had differences at some points, it seemed to me that it is not right, etc., but the point is that she wants me to “maximalist” only the best, bright and good, and I am infinitely grateful to her that she supported me at a time when I decided that I really want to try out for the TV project “House 2”. Daddy, miss you so much, if it wasn’t for you and Mom, I wouldn’t be who I am! Thank You parents for what You believe in me! Brother, Juras, as will the ability to immediately come to visit his nephew Dima and John and your beautiful wife Natasha! Not enough hands and emotions to describe each of my relatives, but I really miss all of You, love, appreciate, embrace! Mom, I personally promised that no matter what, I will remain I will keep my promise, I swear! The downside is that I can’t tell You this face to face.