Andrey Denisov announced the aim of his stay on the project

Lately I ask questions of similar nature, therefore, not to answer everyone separately, I decided to do it here! On the project I came to find the girl that will the rear of life pyrometer, like my father’s my mother. One that is patient, sincere, honest, decent, one that will listen to me, trust and believe in me!
Originally coming on the TV show “House 2”, I expressed sympathy for a girl with excellent looks, her name is Mary Kuleshova, but only a little sympathy, first and foremost, the girl must be a friend in which you’re sure of yourself and able to talk about their experiences, thoughts, plans, future. But since the viewers of the above project it was not possible to vote in application TNT-club that sent me to the Seychelles, we had never met. On television and in communication it is excellent, but when you see the person live, maybe everything is tremendously subject to change!
At the moment I’m single and expect soon, here comes the girl who will give me those emotions, which I miss for a long time! Do You think any type of girls for me?