Andrey Chuev recalls how he first saw his wife

Many people ask how we met. We were introduced by a God. Not an accident, nor the circumstances, the Father Almighty fulfill our desires. We both wanted to really like a movie, fall in love at first sight, first kiss in the eye. That would not have to consider the pros and cons, what not to look for benefit in each other, just to have fun together, always and everywhere.
She was standing on the Chamberlain and handed out flags, collecting donations for the children’s Fund. We with my friend were just passing by, suddenly She came over and said, “Help the kids, they really need.” – “And you’re not lying girl, and I will go and buy lipstick for my blood,” as always in his style, I joked. “No! Thank you! We have all the documents, we officially collected, honest”! and she began to get something out of her purse. – D”and, okay, I’m joking, if crisisi, you also will be worse, that’s Life”. I got the waiter 400-500 rubles and we were going to go next. – “Take the box, it is a sign of gratitude,” said my Wife. “Yes the fuck I need it, someone else will give some, tell me,” we Rabisankar smiled and went on. And we went up and down the Chamberlain and discussed, as is always the object on construction, or something else, and every time I walk past I looked at her, somehow not like the others, something inside pulled to go. Once again passing by , our views collided so piercingly that, indeed, it seemed that time stopped moving for a moment. Here in this moment, I saw that she was the one I was looking for. So and got married quickly, and so well together because it so happened in heaven.