Andrey Chuev has completed the construction of houses

However, then Chuev “make everything smooth” promise helped to build in the event of his victory to some guys house not far from Moscow. And although at first such a promise caused many distrust, the young man began construction, only it lasted much longer than he expected, writes the site life-dom2.su.

Now, however, according to Alexandra Gomozova it became known that construction came to an end, and the house ready. Moreover, his family meant the impending move decided to sell his apartment in Lermontov, as well as the country in Vladikavkaz.

“Friends of the long-awaited moment, and the house in Moscow completed. Thank You Andrey Chuev. In this regard, we decided to sell our 3-bedroom apartment in a small, cozy, surrounded by mountains, the resort town of Lermontov, which is located in 5 km from Pyatigorsk and Vladikavkaz” – said Alexander Gobozov.