Andrey Chuev appealed to detractors

Daily in different networks a huge number of negative comments evolve into strangers. Billions of empty and useless advice assessments clog up Internet space. The expression “know better” many people think a commitment to life, although judging from their pages, it’s worthless “professors of life.” The stupidity of some is not just rolls over it like the other*SAEs oozing between her buns. People gloat on any occasion and how moronic lunatics poked their fingers at the worst smiles. The good thing is that while there is countless ushlepanov terrible and stupid mares, I can always find a place under the sun.
p/s my Advice, in no way tusuyte, to write about what I’m a redneck and hamley, can write each other to *opah, does this refer to the dandruff that offend my Victoria who pulls the blanket over himself, then the same brake. And she decided to get married and have children, because the family is the power! All Prevau who normal.