Andrey Arshavin appeared on the “New wave” with his wife and stepdaughter

Footballer Andrey Arshavin and his young wife Alice Kazmina arrived in Sochi, where these days passes the “New wave”. Company newlyweds made the daughter of Alice from a previous marriage, Alina.

We will remind that Arshavin got married and Kazmina September 1, and the next day it became known that the journalist soon bear a child who will be the third for her and the fourth for Andrew – in the nine-year civil marriage with Yulia the baranouskaya he had three children. With native children the athlete to have no contact and haven’t seen each other for almost three years. But children of Alice he replaced his father.

Paparazzi managed to capture how during the “New wave” Arshavin touching carried on the hands of his stepdaughter. The girl looked scared – maybe just not used to this increased attention.

Source: http://www.cosmo.ru
Photo: http://www.cosmo.ru

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