Andrei Malakhov: why leave the First channel, the causes, the latest news

Internet users continue to be widely discussed in social networks is very unexpected decision TV host Andrey Malakhov to escape from the First channel and the lead of the project “live” on the channel “Russia 1”. Many wonder, as I used to see Andrew on the “first button”.

Together with this people, besides trying to find out the reasons of the resignation of Andrei Malakhov in the program “Let them talk”, you want to realize where you left the TV channel “Russia 1” Boris korchevnikov. The fact that korchevnikov until recently refused to comment on his possible withdrawal from the channel.

It turned out that now Boris works on the Orthodox channel “Spas”, where he prepared one of the senior positions. In addition, if you rely on rumors, it becomes clear that in the near future korchevnikov will return to “Russia 1” with its author shows.

As for Andrey Malakhov, he has managed to release several editions of “Live” with his participation. Experts tend to believe that Andrew will be able in a short time period to join a new team and successfully prove yourself to the audience. After all, professional quality Malakhov absolutely not questioned.

But the reason for the departure of Malakhov the First channel, again based on rumors, is the conflict with the new producer of “Let them talk”. Rumor has it that Andrew simply didn’t want to turn his show into a political project, because he believes that people are interested in ordinary human history.

According to preliminary data, the company Mediascope, “live” with Malakhov on August 28, earned in Moscow among viewers 4 years and older, a rating of 4,7% with a share of 20.1%. Yesterday’s release of “Let them speak” received a much lower rating is 3.8% with a share of 12%.

Rating when telemetry called the average number of people who watched the TV program, expressed as a percentage of the total number of investigated audience. Under a share of the audience means the average number of people who watched the TV program, expressed as a percentage of the total number of viewers in a given time.

In the First channel and “Russia 1” has refused to comment on the data Mediascope. The results for Russia will be announced on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, for the first time after it became known that Andrey Malakhov leaves the First channel, where he worked for 25 years, comments gave Sam Andrew. An open letter to employees “the First channel” has appeared on the website led by Malakhov edition Starhit. In a letter to the former host of the popular talk show “Let them speak” explained why he will no longer work on the Ground and told about his new job.

So, the General Director of channel Konstantin Ernst, Andrei Malakhov wrote that he is grateful for the invaluable experience, over the years, for “every minute that I spent”.

In a parting letter to his successor, Dmitry Borisov, TV presenter Andrey Malakhov wrote that now all hope on him. “Saw fragments of “Let them talk” with your participation. I am sure that you will succeed!, – said Malakhov.

In an address to colleagues from the First channel Andrei wrote that he hoped that they know the true cause of his unexpected transfer to “Russia 1”. Malakhov also said that he is now leading a program called “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. In addition, he will do a Saturday show and other projects. At the same time, Russia 1 pregnancy and the upcoming birth of his wife Natalia Malakhova not hurt.