Andrei Malakhov: what is gone with the First channel, the latest news

Why Andrey Malakhov went with the First channel? This question is currently extremely topical in the Russian show-business, as fans of the famous TV presenter trying to figure out where he went and why.

At the moment we can say that Malakhov moved from the First channel to the TV channel “Russia 1”. Here it will conduct a program “live”, which is the equivalent of “Let them talk”. As for the reasons, here we can say the following: he decided to continue his career on “second button” from a desire career, which had stalled at the same place of work.

The now ex-leader of the program “Let them talk” thanked staff and Ernst for the side-by-side. According to Malakhov, the years of cooperation with the First channel became “part of his DNA.” Leading grateful to Ernst for experience and “amazing journey in the television way of life.”

Earlier it became known that Malakhov will be producer of his own program “Andrey Malakhov. Live” on the channel “Russia 1”, and later the host confirmed this information.

In addition, he gave parting words to his successor, Dmitry Borisov, who became the new host of the talk show “Let them talk”. “Dima, on you all hope! I’m sure you will do it!”, – the message says.

Showman has linked his departure with the First channel creative crisis and desire to grow professionally. Thus, he denied appearing before the press reports that decided to leave First because of the conflict with his leadership, or because of the pregnancy of his wife Natalia Shkuleva.