Andrei Cherkasov in the Seychelles misses Russia

Andrei Cherkasov was lucky enough to go to the Seychelles, where he acts as a master, but Paradise island inspires him with the homesickness. Andrei Cherkasov admitted to fans that, despite all the beauty of the Seychelles, ocean and white sand, he wouldn’t be able to live here permanently. According to him, there just simply is very boring.

Andrei Cherkasov reminded subscribers that Russia is a huge country, it is a lovely place with beautiful scenery, four seasons, birch trees that did not lose the palm trees. So the country is much more fun than in the Seychelles, where 365 days in a year Shine the sun.

Subscribers Andrei Cherkasov agreed with him and praised for their patriotism. Many shared their experience of staying abroad, and reaffirmed that Russia’s most beautiful and diverse nature.