Andrei Cherkasov discovered the secret of the success of Olga Buzova

It was impossible not to notice the success of the leading “Houses 2” and its colleagues on show and the stage. And if many famous artists have rushed to award her unflattering reviews, questioning even the existence of talent of Olga, her colleagues on the project are not so categorical, rather, admire and strive to be like his idol, writes the site life-dom2.su.

So, Andrei Cherkasov noted that all the successes of Olga are connected solely because of her strong-willed efforts and, of course, talent and hard work. Andrew noted that His almost not to stay in one place, constantly being in the stage of solving any issues and problems.

“Before taking our talk show, she manages to give an interview, in the short breaks decides the case on the phone, after the show, Olga’s not going home to relax, she again goes to night shooting. Crazy schedule. My response – success Buzova is her “mad performance and hard work. And, of course, the fact that she is into what he does.” – said Andrey Cherkasov.