Anatoly Pashinin where it is now: the latest news today, 15.09.2017

Not so long ago in the social network, the news of the death of a famous Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin, who until recently was the epicenter of the scandal. But the information was not official and many after this began to wonder, killed or alive, famous actor and where is he now?

In the Internet appeared the information that the famous actor Anatoly Pashinin was killed in the shelling. The news said Zakhar Prilepin. Cultural activist said that the information is not official and also admitted the possibility that this may not be true and Pashinsky is still alive. For a long time, the information has not been confirmed nor denied. After one of the journalists from the scene, reported that the actor has killed.

But after a while, contacted the commander pashinina, and the “dead” Anatoly. As it turned out, the actor is alive and well. The commander reported that Pashinin is alive and next to him, but the actor himself said that “the order of dying was not.”

According to many Internet users, the act of the Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin is treacherous. Someone suggests that he just paid for the promotion of the fratricidal war. It is no secret that Poroshenko has unsuccessfully urged young people to go to the Donbass.

Earlier in an interview pashinina asked why he decided to go to drama school, but he said that he wants to become famous. Social media users are convinced that as a shining movie star he had become, the actor decided to go to the Donbass, drawing attention to himself.

Actor Anatoliy Pashinin 15 September 2017 marks 39 years. Born in the Ukrainian SSR it after finishing the Schepkin theatre school became an actor and performed not one heroic role in Russian films. Now he is fighting in the Donbass on the side of the Ukrainian army, and reports of his death in an armed confrontation in the South-East of Ukraine appear almost daily.

Anatoly Pashinin has spoken in support of the coup, not just approvingly spoke about the conflict in the Donbass, at the same time pejoratively speaking about Russian. Born in a military family Pashinin has repeatedly stated that while involved in the war, he gets a thrill.

And once Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin have fun playing Russian characters. In the movie “Admiral”, he acted as Rostislav Ognivtsev, “totally Russian and totally Patriotic” film “the Storm gate” – about the war in Chechnya, Alexander Doronin, “We from the future” – Soviet soldier Serdyuk.

Pashinin participated in the project “Dancing with the stars.” His partner was Xenia Putko. However, good results the pair have achieved and left the project.