Anatoly Pashinin where he is now 2017: alive or not, the news today

Where is the actor Anatoly Pashinin and what happened to him? In recent years, these issues on a regular basis asking admirers of the artist, who was alarmed at appearing in the press reports of the death of pashinina on the territory of the fighting in the Donbass.

In particular, a few days ago on the social networks spread information about what Anatoly Pashinin was killed in the mortar attack that took place in the Donbas. Then it was noted that fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army, the actor, died as a result of serious injuries. However, officially this information has not been confirmed.

Latest news indicate that Pashinin arrived in one of the most dangerous localities of the ATO – the village of Shirokino and urged his former colleague Mikhail Porechenkov to help the Armed forces of Ukraine to end the war. On this day, August 28, reports Ukrainian news portal “Dialogue”.

As written on the page in Facebook the military observer and member of the ATO Anatoly Stefan, “the Lieutenant Doronin” (pashinina character in the movie “the Storm gate”) is alive and well despite all the rumors about his possible death and right now is one of the most famous settlements, which has long occupied the first place in the ranking of the most dangerous on the map of the ATO – the village of Shirokino. Stefan also posted a few photos of them, confirming his word.

Pashinin is highly respected among colleagues. In particular, they believe that the actor may also serve in the special forces, because of his endurance and physical training are at the highest level, and he shows complete determination to fight with the militia.

Anatoly Pashinin was born 15 September 1978 in Svitlovodsk in Kirovohrad region (Ukraine) in family of the military. After school he entered the Zaporozhye state engineering Academy, graduated from two faculties: non-ferrous metals and management. While studying at the University played in KVN, studying at the 5th year together with team won the Cup of Champions of KVN of Ukraine. Then he had a thought to acting. Anatoly went to Moscow and entered the Higher theatre school named after M. S. Schepkin. “She kicked me out a few days before graduation. But in the end I still barely (as I explained) that’s it,” he said. Since 2001, in films, debuting in the film “Lion’s share”.

Anatoly Pashinin participated in the filming of many popular movies and television series. The first time he played the role in the film in 2001-m to year. It was a picture of the “provincial” and “Lion’s share”. On account of the actor more than 40 film credits. The actor went on to great fame thanks to the filming of the television series “Undine”. Subsequently, in 2004-m to year, Pashinin has played a role in the film “Stolen happiness”. In addition, Pashinin has played roles in the movies “Back to the vulgar”, “Terrible goals” and other films.