Anatoly Pashinin, latest news 2017: where is the actor

Around the famous actor Anatoly Pashinin recently literally passions. The reason for this was the information that the artist, who became famous in Russia for a number of roles in the series, could have been killed in the Donbas. Here Pashinin involved in the fighting on the side of the army of Ukraine.

Today, if we abstract from the informal data, it is possible to notice that Anatoly is alive and well. He continues from time to time to fight on the side of the Ukrainian security forces in the Donbass. Thus the conclusion: Pashinin died on the territory of Donbass, as reported previously.

The premature death of the actor has denied his mother. In the interview the woman said that her son “it’s okay,” he with her and not the slightest cause for concern.

Ukrainian media quoted pashinina which he allegedly made contact with the press: “the Order of the command to die I had, so it’s all right, I’m alive”.

Reports that the newly-born fighter APU with Russian citizenship were killed, rejected and his colleagues in the 8th battalion, which he joined a month ago.

Pashinin known for the TV series “Storm gate”, the films “the Admiral” and “We from the future”. It is noted that for a month he had served in the 8th battalion of the Ukrainian volunteer army in the zone of armed conflict in the Donbass.