Anatoly Pashinin: killed or not, the biography of the actor

Famous Russian actor Anatoly Pashinin, went to fight in the Donbass, has denied recent media rumors about his death.
Thus he reassured fans that he has in large quantity both in Ukraine and in Russia. However, the latter is markedly diminished after it became clear that Pashinin began to fight in the Donbass on the side of the Ukrainian army. People expressed a negative because I wanted to the artist just to delight them with new roles instead turned into a real fighter.

That Pashinin alive, first reported by the commander of his battalion with the call sign “red”. “I’m all right,” said the actor. “The order of the command to die I had, so it’s all right, I’m alive,” said the fighter UDA Anatoly Pashinin.

On the death of pashinina worker of culture wrote in his Twitter. “Write actor Pashinin killed in the shelling. Who will start to gloat – I will ban. Not upotreblyaetsya cattle,” said Park, turning to his followers. The writer added that at all does not represent, where and what the battle could have killed the actor. According to Prilepin, in the day of the death pashinina the militia never fought, because “the authorities will not allow it”. “I don’t even know where its subsection is” – he wrote.

Anatoly Pashinin was born in the Kirovograd area in the city of Sverdlovsk on 15 September 1978. Anatoly was born in a military family. His grandfather and father were military and served in the army. That is why pashinina family moved to Vladivostok. The family tradition continued and the elder brother pashinina, which serves as APU. Despite the t that Anatoly was very athletic, he decided not to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather and become an actor. Have pashinina not one entity has a degree in Economics and an employee of metallurgy. Pashinin has acted in Moscow at the Higher theatre school Shchepkin. And from that time the career of the actor soared to the top.

Pashinin has starred in many acclaimed TV series and movies. In 2001, he first starred in the film “Lion’s share” and “provincial”, On account of his more than 40 roles in movies. Fame Anatoly received after the release of the series Ondine, with his participation. After in 2004 he played in “Stolen happiness”. Anatoly Putilin also starred in the film “a Formidable gate”, “Back in history” and many other famous paintings.

But after the scandalous story of Pashinin lost a lot of fans. In late August, the actor has decided to follow in the footsteps of the family and went to Ukraine to fight in a punitive battalion. Not so long ago in the network appeared information about the fact that Anatoly Pashinin was killed during the shooting. Note that Zakhar Prilepin said that this day, when told of the death of the actor, the attacks were not. So the information about the death of the actor is not official. Director Pashinsky also knows nothing about his death.