Anastasiya Lisova has told about preparation for the upcoming birth

So, to answer the most popular questions. To my surprise, they were not about weight and about the upcoming birth and prepare for them. But just in case will report perhaps. At the 36th week weight has increased by +8.5 kg. Cheeks still burst. But now not about it.
If we are kin.house? Yes, I have! And I’m very happy for this fact! And then I was nervous because of the uncertainty. Took into account your experience, someone I just threw the info in Direct. Thank You very much. And in the end we decide with the family.the house and the doctor’s recommendations! While I will not write where we chose and who will give birth. All the time.

Am I afraid to give birth? While I’m not afraid, honestly, may be it is only. And the closer to an hour X, the worse. I have no idea. Do You like it? But I try to tune into what you have to work hard and most give birth to your Princess, not your doctor or midwife.

Itself or cesarean? Want and according to the testimony of the natural way it should be. I hope it will be.

With or without epidural? Want without, again, I hope that it will. No idea what the pain is and how it is for me to be tolerant. Did you do an epidural? As It moved?

If I am getting ready to leave, breathing, posture, etc.? Yes, getting ready. Better to know what you roughly expect and how to behave in a given situation. Since I overestimated your physical capabilities to go anywhere to prepare for childbirth, I found an excellent alternative. Are engaged in the program “Good Birth”. And stoooolko learned, lying in bed, beauty shorter. And you preparing for Childbirth? Attended Courses? Help?