Anastasiya Lisova has threatened to sue the correspondent of the magazine “House 2”

Do not like to be disappointed in people, but it seems life consists of this, too. How can you be so vile and base person to secretly call my Mother and ask provocative questions on the topic of my personal life, pretending that I was given the nod for an interview, waiting in this way information to Wikipedia.

About A. B. I have already concluded a month ago, when asked not to upload what I spoke of friendship, because I wanted to wait, and he was a real scoundrel under the guise of a friend, of a friend. No wonder the participants “House 2” it always jiving, and I felt sorry for him all the time. In vain!

I think educated people understand who I is the correspondent of the Magazine “House 2”. Don’t want to write him a vile name on the page, so put the initials. And Yes, my Mom of course A. B. did not say anything, and I did an interview with did not give! Trust, friends, only trustworthy sources! Oh yeah, I forgot, official warning! There is one more outburst, and I submit to the court under article 137 of the criminal code. Not kidding.