Anastasiya Lisova complained to staff of the Bank, which was badly battered her nerves

So, for several weeks she had begun to actively maintain your page, commenting on your wedding and pregnancy, which she managed to hide for a long time. She is now happy to share photos of pregnant belly, commenting on the meeting status. However, some negative aspects still not done, the website life-dom2.su.

Anastasia has complained to the subscribers to the incompetent employees of the Bank, who brought her, who for several weeks ruffled her nerves, building all kinds of obstacles that she just closed a credit card. Ex-member of the upset that she had to spend on trips to the Bank much of the time and part with a certain amount.

“Ran for 1600,so they are rich damouzy. And Bank online impossible to master?”, “Very informative story, just what I needed to know?” – asked the fans of the youth reality show.