Anastasia Volochkova has published a photo in the jacket, given to her 14 years ago

Stormy discussion was caused by a photo posted by Anastasia Volochkova in Instagram. Ballerina noted that in the picture she is wearing a jacket, which gave her 14 years ago.

Anastasia is known for his love of trendy outfits, so the unexpected revelation ballerina surprised by her fans. Volochkova in social networks published a photo where she along with the other warm jackets.

These jackets Peter gave me a whole 14 years ago – wrote the ballerina and said that the man who gave her this gift, a friend for 14 years.

After this lyrical confessions members staged a heated debate. They began to resent the fact that the ballerina for so many years goes in the same jacket. They also criticized the jacket, calling it ridiculous and ancient.

There were those who sympathized with the ballerina, suspecting that she had no money for new outfits. They remembered about the divorce Volochkova with her husband and that she was later robbed a personal driver.

We will remind that earlier the driver of the ballerina passed check on the lie detector. Revealed the truth about the numerous thefts of money from personal accounts Volochkova and about the threats that the dancer was sent to the families of its erring employee.