Anastasia Volochkova has accused Dana Borisova alcoholism

Becoming a guest of the transmission Lera Kudryavtseva, the “Secret” one million, Dana Borisova hinted at alcoholism infamous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volochkova.

Nastya in debt has not gone and commented on recent hints Given: “you never know what can come up with a sick man. And why do I need excuses? I believe that in the new life you have to log in with positivity and not with dirty thoughts, using other names for their advertising. As it is Given now. Claim and said to her we were never friends. Moreover, I have repeatedly thwarted the attempts to use my name for their own purposes. When did she become a PR of a plastic surgeon, called me to his clinic. Despite the fact that I immediately refused, still all the media with the filing wrote that Volochkova came to do plastic surgery. It was already outrageous.”

For the past week, Anastasia is constantly terroriziruet journalists, talking about the need to “fight back” Borisova. Ballerina says: “Even to blackmail began: “You give us an interview about her counter and treatment that you do not like, and we’ll show your best side. “Otherwise, we’ll squash Volochkova!” they said my PR Director. I, of course, refused, because not afraid of anything in my life.”

Anastasia said in an interview that even called Dana and talked to her about what happened and ready to forgive: “Lord, let us forgive her that stupidity and blagorodstvo towards me. Apparently, she really need the money – otherwise her act I can’t explain. But once Dana looked to me for support – then she was accused of escort…”.